RIM provides real-time BBM and BES interception solution to Indian government


5 Aug 2011
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According to recent reports, RIM has finally offered DoT what seems to be an acceptable method of real-time interception of BBM and BES services by the Indian government, nearly a year after RIM’s national security concerns first started.
RIM’s solution for the Indian government is currently being tested by the Department of Telecommunication and various Indian security agencies. Their report will determine whether RIM has to get back to the drawing board (to work on how to exclusively open up patently secure services), or if they can finally relax after a year of back and forth.
The solution, if accepted, will then be shown to other mobile phone companies with similar services as BBM and BES, such as Nokia with its push-mail service, so that these other companies can also implement similar solutions. Stay tuned for more coverage on the matter, as it unfolds.

Source : Digit
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