Good News Reliance slashes JioPhone prices by half under Diwali offer

I'm using a Jio phone and never had any heat up issue. I use it for calling only. Yes, the phone is slow but it's a feature phone. The main issue with this phone is keypad. It doesn't work correctly. You press a key, sometimes nothing happen and sometimes the key get pressed twice.

Also the JioFi I have got it's battery swollen.
This happened with my Jio-Fi 2 as well. I tried Jio-Fi 2 with another battery and bricked the device. Then, I brought a new one JMR 815. It has its own issues. Wi-Fi range is very less compared to Jio-Fi 2 and most of the time the speed remains below 1 Mbps. Resetting the device fixes the speed issue but I had to reset the device almost every 20-30 min. Now I'm using smartphone and never gonna buy Jio-Fi.
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