[Rant] I hate the new internet of 2023

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23 Aug 2018
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Reddit has discontinued third party apps. Official app is crap. Certain things on internet requires app. Website just doesn't do justice to it. Than you got Twitter which is now X. I completely stopped using it altogether after using it for 11 year. I stopped using Instagram after they got acquired by Facebook. But I still gave Twitter a chance after a toxic takeover. They does so many stupid experimentation. I couldn't bear using it. After this Google introduced stupid social media to YouTube Music which is bad. But ignorable. Than the final nail in the coffin was discontinuation of WhatsOnIndia app. Even shopping has become painful. Flipkart offers fastest shipping and offers for my area. Guess what? Even they introduced so many charges from cod charge to cancellation charges. Amazon also have started repeated same. Just too much changes and downgrade for us. Only positive thing I find good on internet nowadays is ChatGPT and some odd podcast. And ofcourse this forum.
I still miss orkut kind of social networking communities.. Those were the days where there were really social networking and discussions (forums) about interesting topics..
Today most of the social network communities are either politicized or spam.. Only political discussions or hatred being on spit in discussions.
Still few good forums like onlytech exists 😊
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