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Discussion Railwire Broadband News & Discussions


5 Oct 2015
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That's great. It was your LCO end issue I believe bro.
Yeaah they acknowledged the issue and glad that they rectified it. But thinking to try Jio now as Yesterday saw cable laying done just infront of my house. So thinking to try Jio like you did.


30 Apr 2011
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That's the reason bro.

For dual band routers, the 5GHz band gives higher speed and 2.4GHz band gives more range but slower speeds.

In a real world experience, this factor only matters if you use an internet plan with more than 100Mbps speed.

For example, you can get 50Mbps full wifi speed on a 2.4GHz band only router. But 100Mbps will give maximum 70-80Mbps. To get full 100Mbps wifi speed, you will have to switch into a 5GHz band supported router.
This happens in below wifi 4 version /PHY 150..I had specifically subscribed 100 Mbps plan to understand and confirm Speeds..I got full speed in RN10 Pro which is wifi 4 version..U can check my speed test posts...Mine ONT is 2.4 MHz only..
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