Radio Mirchi expands the digital footprint


8 Jun 2011
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Mirchi Mobile now available across Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Docomo, BSNL and MTS; focus on web.


Realizing the evolving media habits of consumers, their increasing adoption of the digital space and its impact on media companies in the near future, Mirchi has been busy preparing for this fast growing digital world.

The digital journey that Radio Mirchi has started is with an objective of becoming known as a ‘community centric’ company rather than just a FM broadcaster. The efforts in the mobile and online space are designed to reach out to our consumers on platforms and places where they naturally congregate.

The first step in this direction was the launch of Mirchi Mobile last year. Since its very successful launch on Airtel last year Mirchi Mobile has now been extended to almost all telecom operators in the country. Mirchi Mobile is now available to subscribers of Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Docomo, BSNL and MTS. This product is powered by Spice Digital, one of India’s leading Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) companies.

After the launch of the initial set of radio feeds, Mirchi has since created feeds customized for certain niche audiences and needs…One such launch was that of Mirchi Bhojpuri – a feed created specifically for the Bhojpuri speaking audiences in U.P and Bihar and migrants from these states to various other parts of the country. This product has been a success and there would be many such launches in the future from Mirchi.

Many of the initiatives on Radio Mirchi on the airwaves are now also integrated across online media. Its youtube channel, was at one time amongst the top 100 most viewed channels for the week. There is also an active community across Facebook and twitter, which offers Radio Mirchi fans a way to participate in conversations around Music and entertainment. Even has been designed so that the listeners can consume the most interesting content from across all 32 stations of Radio Mirchi and connect with their favorite RJs. Radio Mirchi is also offering its online platforms to advertisers to reach out to these audiences.

Rahul Balyan, Sr. VP and Head of Digital Initiatives at Radio Mirchi said, “Our digital initiatives are part of our Evolution as a media company, and we are continuously exploring platforms to extend our reach to new audiences. MVAS platform has allowed us to experiment with content much more freely like our recent launch of ‘Mirchi Bhojpuri’, which would not have been possible on any other platform other than VAS. Through Mirchi Mobile we are also able to offer new experiences to audiences by connecting them with 13 cities across India without the need to subscribe to any complicated data plans from the telecom companies. On the web, we are connecting with our most loyal audiences and building new ways to reach out to them, and learning a lot in the process.”
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