Qualcomm Announces New Augmented


7 Apr 2011
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Qualcomm Announces New Augmented Reality Platform For Android Phones
Qualcomm has recently launched a new augmented reality (AR) platform for Google Android OS based phones.

The company has released the commercial v1.0 build of its AR platform, which enables Android app developers to integrate AR into their software. Qualcomm says that the AR platform will work on any Android 2.1+ device, but suggests that performance will be better on devices that use Snapdragon chipsets.

Augmented reality is the superimposition of location-based content over live images viewed through mobile cameras. With hardware such as accelerometers, cameras, compasses and GPS now available in most smartphones, it will be easier to add information from these functions onto a real-time video or image. The technology was earlier used for military purposes and now will be available for our daily use. With augmented reality, the mobile user’s experience will definitely become much bigger and better. Moreover, many developers are now coming up with relevant applications and there will be lots of interesting apps to look out for in the near future.
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