Puzzle games that test your mind and patience


29 Nov 2012
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Puzzle games that test your mind and patience..

Puzzle games are immensely popular with users of all age groups. They work offline, can be played on the most basic smartphones and have an element of challenge that compel users for more. Most importantly these puzzle games serve as an exercise for the brain, testing users all the time. Here are some interesting puzzle games for users looking for fun and play in short doses.


Moveless Chess

Price: Free

Available on Android

This is a unique take on Chess. Instead of engaging in a full-fledged game of chess, the game puts you into a preset situation in a game. Your objective is to checkmate the opponent’s king without moving any of the pieces. The game allows you to transform your available pieces with another piece that poses more threat to the king.So you can replace a bishop with rook or queen if the opponent’s king is in straight line. The opponent doesn’t have access to this feature which gives you an advantage. The challenge is to kill the opponent’s king within those limited number of moves and requires one to plan moves carefully. The short move based approach is fun for chess fans looking for a something that is shorter and equally challenging.


bit bit blocks

Price: Free

Available on Android, iOS

One of the winners of Google’s recently concluded Indie games festival, bit bit blocks is a funky looking game where the player has to drag block and combine block of same colour to build bigger blocks. Once a big block is created you can swipe it over to the opponent’s side divide by a red line. The trick is to find the combinations, build a big block faster and push the red line more towards the opponent’s side. It is a very competitive and can be nerve wracking. One can play against AI or challenge a friend online. You can always play with another player on the same phone’s screen.


Deus Ex Go

Price: Rs 300

Available on Android, iOS

Deus Ex Go is a unique turn based puzzle game that works like a game of chess. User has to decide a move and wait for the opponent to act. This makes it difficult to play. The game is based in a futuristic world where the player has to look for clues that would help them take down a terrorist group. Your job is to help the agent get past opponents or hurdles on a board. To make things easier the game allows access to special skills like freezing automatic weapons and disappearing for two moves. For a puzzle game, the graphics looks impressive and highly detailed. It works offline and doesn’t have in-app purchases and is ideal for users looking for a puzzle game with the look and feel of an action game.


Cell 13

Price: Free

Available on Android

This is a puzzle game that looks like the popular game called Bounce, but is completely different when it comes to gameplay. You are basically locked up in cell. The only help you have is a robot called Chester designed like a ball. You can control Chester around the prison to find a way out. The prison isn’t manned but has been designed like a maze. One poorly planned move can land Chester into corners with complete dead-end, leaving no option but to start the game from the beginning. On-screen control includes a left side button for moving towards left and a right side button for heading towards right. The game is fun and requires a lot of patience and planning.


Find A Way

Price: Free

Available on Android

Find a Way is a puzzle game with no visual highlights in them. The basic layout does feel bland compared to games like Candy Crush. It is immensely fun to play, though. It starts off with a tutorial to help user understand how it works. The game works by connecting all circular dots together by dragging the red line from the dot that is marked as the point of origin. You can only connect in a vertical or horizontal line. What poses a bigger challenge is then randomly placed square block that make connecting all dots difficult. You have to find a way around them and reach out to each and every circular dot.

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