Prototype iPhone 4 appears on eBay


7 Apr 2011
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The iPhone 4 has been scrutinized, reviewed, dismantled, and even blended in the 12 months it has been available to buy. But do you remember the protoype units that got leaked in early 2010? Or the infamous iPhone left in bar that gave Gizmodo a pretty special exclusive reveal?

In April 2010, Apple fans around the world wanted to know everything there was to know about the iPhone 4, and a lost iPhone was just the ticket to learn more about the smartphone before Steve Jobs officially revealed it.

Now, one of those prototype units has appeared on eBay, and it’s already fetching bids that make buying an unlocked iPhone 4 from the Apple Store look like pocket change. 19 bids have seen the price sky rocket to $1,755.99, but then the auction price gets reset most likely due to some rogue and fake bidding trying to get the sale canceled., There’s still 7 days left before the auction ends though, so who knows how much it will actually end up selling for.

The model number on this device is simply XXXXX, the FCC ID is BCGAXXXXX. The seller’s description states this is a GSM model and confirms it is a tester unit by way of a check run on the IMEI number. Therefore it won’t register on the AT&T network as is, and iTunes brings up an error when it’s plugged in.


The seller has stated in responses to questions on the auction that he is more than a little surprised the device is seeing so much interest. He admits to being a licensed cellphone repair guy and got the phone from someone who “didn’t know what he had.” The seller bought it for parts when the original owner couldn’t get it to work on a network. Then, after realizing what he had in his possession he decided to sell it on instead.

Minor wear on the frame and small marks on the screen don’t seem to be putting people off bidding. In 7 days someone is going to be the lucky owner of a very expensive iPhone 4 prototype that you can’t use on a GSM network.

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