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Detective Conan

28 Apr 2018
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Voot kids from past few days suddenly started promoting more about pokemon , their post are telling about newer pokemon episodes means (they might add remaining pokemon seasons) and 21 pokemon movies only on voot kids and on cover pic of their social media page mentions 15th october mentioned as 15/21 with lighting sign as prepare for electrifying adventure but they have not yet posted any promo of pokemon yet in their sovial media pages even short promo - for now they only have 8 seasons only 1 language feed it seems.

They are also using older fan comments of demanding of newer episodes in collage video to tell finally they heard it in comments it seems more like joking they are adding so late .

also trying to use old nostalgia like telling you don't have to wait everyday at 5:00 to watch pokemon fights or episodes







just for trying to increase more subscription or seeing success of netflix airing new pokemon movies and engagement in the social media pages might have motivated voot kids to finally promote about promotion to increase their subs - but they should also add more audio feeds and like other ott apps also addd diverse new content adding backtheir kids live action shows in voot kids which they removed. just for pokemon people would end up just using it for short term or they would not even prefer to subcribe it only if wider content available they might prefer to subscribe.

what stops them from promoting pokemon properly like they do for their own shows - just because pokemon has gained more popularity even in disney kids channels and netflix movie premiere they are doing this otherwise they wouldn't have even promoted this much. haven't even seen short promos of pokemon even uploaded in voot kids til yet in their social media pages or even in their yt page or other variety content. the least subcriber expects is lil bit promotion to other content as well compared to more promotion which they do to their own shows in app as well.

sad thing they showq as if they do listen to their viewers or subcribers sad reality they dont care - if they really cared they would have also added back digimon tri movies and dubbed new digimon tri movie last one (already released) and improve their app interface add back nick live action shows back which they removed and add multi audio feeds of other animated content of which they have episodes . it seems only fr name sake they added other animated shows to have some variety otherwise they wouldnt even add them . they have removed other good animated series only limited series available at present - hope they do add them back

I'm extremely sorry for edit of thread title - just realized they'll just add more pokemon season and movies . in total 19 pokemon movies are there big unless they end up adding short pokemon movies , they might be adding 13 more pokemon seasons as they have 8 pokemon season at present total (8+13 season equals 21 seasons)

oki may be they are also adding newer live action movie might have made deal with prime video fr the film or wb
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voot kids have added 8- 9 more pokemon seasons now- approx , 21 pokemon movies in hindi , tamil & telugu - (Hungama tv based dub) excluding the movies released on netflix .

they have made promo rap song of pokemon similar style in which hungama tv did for pokemon premier on their channel in Hungama tv during 2015- now.. at present it seems they are trying hard to promote pokemon through their social media pages so that more people subscribe to their app just for pokemon . in between post as if kids dont watch pokemon during indian festivals & only like to watch CB . hope they improve their app UI.
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