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PM has failed to control prices and check corruption : BJP

Kamlesh Barjati

26 May 2011
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New Delhi, Jun 29 (PTI) Refusing to buy Prime Minister Manmohan Singh''s argument that his government is not "lameduck and comatose", BJP today said the economist PM had failed to control prices, check corruption and take the opposition along on issues like the Lokpal Bill.

"The Prime Minister tried to argue against his failures... On price rise, he said the prices are going up around the world. But to claim that inflation is increasing globally is wrong. In India, it is due to bad governance and wrong and corrupt policies of this government," BJP President Nitin Gadkari told reporters here.

"Corruption in this government has also led to price rise," he alleged.

The BJP maintained that though the Congress-led UPA had stated in its manifesto of the 2009 Lok Sabha elections that it would check price rise, it had failed to do so.

"The Prime Minister had said from the Red Fort that prices would be controlled within 100 days. In March again he said price rise would be checked. Today he is saying he does not have a magic wand to control prices.... The economist Prime Minister has completely failed in his examination. He has betrayed the nation," Gadkari said.

He insisted that Rs 70,000 Crore worth of foodgrains were being allowed to rot every year while half the country''s population has a daily income of less than Rs 20.

Gadkari refuted the Prime Minister''s charge that the opposition is not cooperating with the government, saying it was Singh''s regime which had not taken the BJP on board on the Lokpal issue.

"Both the Leaders of the Opposition (in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) are very important leaders. But the government did not consult them on the Lokpal Bill," Gadkari said.

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