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Playbook to launch tomorrow; will it be the biggest flop of the year?


22 Mar 2011
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Blackberry Playbook, the most anticipated tablet of the year is all set to make its debut tomorrow in U.S. The year 2010 saw the boom of tablets which has now continued into the year of 2011 and looks like there is nothing stopping them. The Tablet market has boomed exponentially and with every company coming up with tablets, comparison of products has almost become mandatory. The Tablet market is expecting about 85 tablets this year.

The tech world's been hyperventilating over the Blackberry Playbook for a long time. RIM has sure planned to give the best dish for their hungry consumers but only ended up with a half baked product. Here is a review of the product.

To begin with the Playbook is a seven-inch touch-screen tablet ($500, $600, and $700 for the 16, 32 and 64-gigabyte models). Built on the home grown operating system QNX software, Playbook is a completely based on touch screen. It does have any acess buttons on the front except for the top edge which has only the On, Play/Pause and volume keys. Instead, you navigate by swiping your finger from the black border, which seems unduly wide, into the screen itself. Swiping upward reveals your app icons. Swiping left or right cycles among open multitasking apps and swiping down reveals an app's toolbar, if it has one. The PlayBook looks and feels great: hard rubberized back, brilliant, super-responsive multitouch screen, solid heft (about 420 grams).

The PlayBook does three impressive things that its rivals - the iPad and the Android tablets can only dream about. First, with a special HDMI cable, you can hook it up to a TV or projector, which is great for PowerPoint presentations.

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