Ookla’s new Google Chrome extension most convenient fastest way to test internetspeed


21 Jun 2013
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The company behind speedtest.net, Ookla, has rolled out a new Google Chrome extension, which is possibly the easiest and speediest way to monitor the speed of your internet connection. Ookla has always been the go to site to check on the internet speed quickly, but the chrome extension makes it easier than ever before.

The extension for Ookla, looks like a speed dial, and sits at the top-right corner of your Google Chrome browser screen. Using the extension is as simple as just tapping on the Ookla icon on the screen, and a tiny drop down pops up in the corner. When you hit Go, it measures the download, upload and the Ping speed of your internet. Ping is the time a server takes to respond to a command.

The best part being, you don’t need to stop what you are doing or open a new tab to test your internet speed anymore, just a tap on the icon does the job. Also, you no more have to save your cursor from accidentally tapping on a stupid ad (Ookla Speedtest website hosts five ads on the page), because the extension has no ads, just a simple drop down.

To download the chrome extension, you can simple type ‘Ookla speed test chrome extension’ on Google, and “Speedtest by Ookla – Chrome Web Store – Google” result will show right at the top. Click on the link and simply add the free extension to chrome.

Recently, Google started rolling out the internet speed test tool integrated right in the search result, probably aiming at taking over all other speed test website. Netflix too recently created fast.com, a minimalistic website to check your internet connection speed. However, with the extension, Ookla’s Speedtest has sprung right back up as the most convenient speed test option.

Ookla’s new Google Chrome extension is the most convenient, fastest way to test your internet speed
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