OnePlus 2.0 will merge OxygenOS & ColorOS together to make them Unified & Upgraded

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3 Nov 2010
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OnePlus has recently announced OnePlus 2.0 will merge the existing Oxygen OS & Color OS together to make the Operating System unified & upgraded.


For some of you, this news might give you some doubts. Believe me, I read many of your comments online every day. But I would like to tell you confidently that after overseeing the product development of both systems for a year, I believe that the unified operating system will keep the DNA of OxygenOS that many of you love so much, while also giving you an upgraded experience overall.
In terms of timeline, for global OnePlus devices, we will first introduce the integrated OS with the launch of our next flagship series in 2022. The integration will be fully completed together with the next major Android update in 2022.

Doesn't look like they have settled on a name for the new os yet
More the reason to switch to an iPhone, given that there's no sign of Pixels coming to India
The power of "Voting with Wallet". But still, I don't believe them, since the codebase will be common - ColorOS one. Just the UI / Look & Feel will be of O2 OS and the codebase / SPYWARE inside will be maintained as usual.
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