Of Moditva, BJP and Gujarat!

26 May 2011
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New Delhi, Jul 3 (PTI) The debate about ''Moditva'' is a metaphor for alternative visions for India and its future trajectory will be decisive not only for Gujarat but equally for BJP, a new book says.

"In a post-Vajpayee, post-Advani age, (Gujarat chief minister) Narendra Modi alone among the BJP''s Gen-Next is a proven mass leader, having delivered Gujarat for a unprecedented fourth consecutive term. As the party struggles to redefine itself after the 2009 electoral debacle, the Modi model is seen by a wide section of the party rank and file as the next saviour," says writer-journalist Nalin Mehta in "Gujarat beyond Gandhi: Identity, Conflict and Society".

According to the author, no major Indian political leader whose name has been associated with a riot has ever had a shot at the throne of Delhi.

"Modi arguably has such a shot. In 2014, is it too far-fetched to imagine a Rahul Gandhi-Narendra Modi battle at the hustings? If it does come to that, it will be a test for the idea of India as never before," the book says.

The birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and the land that produced Pakistan''s founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Gujarat has been at the centre-stage of South Asia''s political iconography for over a century. This book is a collection of essays critically exploring the many paradoxes and complexities of modernity and politics in the state that was created in 1960.

The contributors provide much-needed insights into the dominant impulses of identity formation, cultural change, political mobilisation, religious movements and modes of communication that define modern Gujarat.

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