Obama's 2012 campaign takes over his Facebook, Twitter profiles


7 Apr 2011
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WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama's Twitter and Facebook accounts will now be managed by the staff of Obama's re-election campaign - 'Obama for America', it has been announced.

"Welcome to a new @BarackObama. From now on, #Obama2012 staff will manage this account; tweets from the President will be signed '-BO.'" the account tweeted at 7 p.m, reports the Politico.

The message was accompanied by a photo switch on Obama's account from a headshot of the president to an Obama for America campaign logo.

The feeds will include dispatches from the campaign trail as well as tweets and posts from the president.

Obama for America's blog gave the reason for the change: "As the President said when he launched this campaign a few months ago, he's focused on doing the job we elected him to do -- so he's counting on all of us to lead this organization from the grassroots up, helping to shape it as it grows."

Source: economictimes.com
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