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3 Nov 2010
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Fuel price in India is touching sky high, and there is little one can do about it. With FuelLog – Car management Android app you can save petrol as well as money.

FuelLog – Car Management - Save money by keeping track of fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Monitors and logs your mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance costs. FuelLog computes lots of useful statistics as fuel consumption and saved money (eg, miles per gallon or l/100 km), the total cost and mileage, the average cost, average cost per month, the distance traveled per year, and many other expenses. FuelLog has easy control in a beautiful shell. Languages: * English * Track refueling * Tracking expenses for maintenance, service, costs, expenses. * Several vehicles supported . * A lot of useful statistics. * 6 different graphs. * Partial filling the car. * Calculator. * Ability to enter in various units of volume. * Export / Import. Support App2SD (2.2).

FuelLog – Car Management is available to Download from Google Play Store free of cost.
Awesome...But i guess it wont be of much use unless there is a way to integrate it with the car ?
iS THAT ME said:
Awesome...But i guess it wont be of much use unless there is a way to integrate it with the car ?

Valid point raised by ITM.
I think they can do this , if they utilize the power of GPS with this FuelLOG app.

I don't know about this application but surely will be a handy tool after fuel price hike :lol
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