Now, an app to tell you when to water your plants


2 May 2011
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LONDON: Now your garden plants need not die of neglect, thanks to an iPhone application that tells you when they need watering.

The Koubachi Wi-Fi plant sensor and application costs a steep 99 pounds. It requires a sensor which sits with the plant, monitoring it and checking its vital signs against a built-in botanic encyclopedia.

The app knows everything about nearly all your typical garden or house plant, from growing seasons to optimum temperature.

The health metrics are sent over as messages to your iPhone, and your phone will beep whenever your plant hits the danger zone, according to the Daily Mail.

The device was built by alumni of technical universities in Switzerland and Germany, and can monitor several plants at once.

It spends a few days calibrating itself, and after that it can be left alone, powered by two AA batteries which will last about 18 months.

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