Now, a 'sausage skin' to tackle most common form of diabetes!

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3 Nov 2010
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London, August 7 : Scientists have developed a sleeve implant that looks like a "giant sausage skin" to beat diabetes.

The 2ft-long device, developed as an incision-less alternative to a type of weight-loss surgery known as a duodenal switch, can reverse the disease within weeks, reports the Daily Mail.

The duodenum is the name for the first 10 to 12in of the small intestine, which attaches to the stomach.

The device, the EndoBarrier, is designed to have the same effects as surgery but is far safer. It is a plastic sleeve that lines the duodenum, meaning food can only be absorbed lower down the intestine.

The procedure is performed under anaesthetic in less than an hour. The sleeve – made from a thin plastic – is inserted via the mouth and passed into the digestive tract using a thin tube.

Once in place, a sprung titanium anchor prevents it slipping out. It is removed after a year.

During trials researchers found that in obese patients who also suffered diabetes, the disease went into remission.

Initially experts believed it was a result of weight loss – but many patients were able to stop taking their diabetes medication before they began to lose weight.

The discovery has led to clinical trials at three hospitals, which found the implant also seems to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

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