Nokia: On Windows Phone, Symbian's Future and Lumia


5 Aug 2011
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Nokia organized a media meet-up event today in Bangalore where representatives gave a presentation on the upcoming Lumia Windows Phone handsets and also took questions from the press. During the event, a couple of interesting things came to light with regard to the Lumia 800 handset, Nokia's plans with Windows Phone and their plans for India and Symbian's future. Here's a quick look at them:

1. There's a "big" launch of the Nokia Music service planned for Windows Phone in 2012. While speaking to a Nokia rep, he cryptically mentioned that it would be "huge" and would represent a "paradigm shift." For the uninitiated, Nokia Music (or Ovi Music Unlimited) is a music download service that lets Nokia handset users download from a large library of international and local music.

2. The Nokia Maps that you are used to seeing on Symbian devices will be divided into Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive on Windows Phone. While both apps will be available for free to Lumia owners, only a paid version of Nokia Maps will be made available on the Windows Phone Market for users of handsets from other manufacturers.

3. The Lumia 800 has a recommended price-tag of USD 590 (Rs. 31,000 approx.). I assume that the phone will be around the 28K-30K mark when it hits stores. By the way, consider the second week of December a tentative launch date.

4. Symbian, apparently, will be completely phased out by 2016. So, there's that.

5. Both Lumia handsets have a micro SIM slot, similar to the iPhone 4 which means that you'll probably have to make a trip to your nearest telecom provider outlet and get yourself a micro SIM if you want to use the Lumia phones.

source : pc world
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