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7 Apr 2011
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The Nokia N9 smartphone has been rumoured for quite some time now. News about the device made rounds long before the Nokia N8 made its way to the market. But now, a website has published a teaser of the all new Nokia N9, which looks quite slick with its layout and looks very similar to the images seen in the preliminary leaks.

The device has a physical slide-out keyboard with enough spacing around the buttons, which is commendable, considering the fact that most devices with a similar form factor have buttons uncomfortably close to each other. Reports also suggest that the device could feature a 12 Megapixel camera on board. However, there's still considerable doubt about the operating system being used. Early rumours claimed that the N9 would mark the re-arrival of Intel's MeeGo operating system. But the teaser video gives us a hint that it could be running on the highly anticipated Symbian Anna instead.

Apart from that nothing really is clear from the video. Some sources claim that we could see Nokia announcing or even launching the N9 as early as next month. We'll have to wait till then to get a clearer picture. Since Nokia will not start selling WP7 powered phones till 2012, this device could well prove to be the game-changer for Nokia till then.

The original teaser video has been taken down by following a request by Nokia Corporation citing copyright infringement. Here is another, trimmed version of the Nokia N9 teaser video for your viewing pleasure. Watch it before it gets taken down.
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