Nokia Lumia 900 vs the competition


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6 May 2012
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A couple of awesome videos for you now that pit the Nokia Lumia 900 against a couple of competitors.

Nokia Lumia 900 vs iPhone 4S
The first video is the Lumia 900 going up against the iPhone 4s in a very detailed, very thorough video from Zollotech. Just as you might expect from a regular written review, all aspects are covered, from design to camera, via screens and how it feels in the hand. An added bonus from my point of view is the graphics that come up on screen to compare various specs of the two phones. Counts as a win in my book.

Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC One X
Michael from Pocketnow takes a look at the Nokia Lumia 900 alongside the HTC One X, and describes the ‘very different road’ that each phone takes to deliver the ‘excellent user experience’. Including terms such as ‘retro-futuristic’ (don’t worry, it makes sense when you watch the video) he makes an excellent comparison of the phones. The OS of the Lumia 900 ‘is smart in a spartan way’, which is a great way to describe it, and his ‘day to day user experience is more fluid’ on the Nokia. There’s a bunch more, so check out the video…

Via Nokia Official Blog
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