Nintendo rumoured to bring updated version of 3DS next year, with dual analog sticks


5 Aug 2011
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Reports of Nintendo trying to revitalize its 3DS portable gaming consoles are flying all over the web, developments that have been met with varying degrees of incredulity, ranging from indifference to the news of rebranding the platform, to scepticism of a new dual analog stick add-on.
The source, reportedly part of Nintendo, delivered the goods to French website 01net, which in the recent past has posted mostly credible information about the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Wii U, ahead of official announcements.
The first major rumour is that Nintendo believes it has erred by not giving 3DS users the choice of a second analog stick (it can be thought to already have one, in the form of the circle pad), and seeking to remedy the situation, will be bringing out a new $10 add-on that can be attached to the console, to provide the second stick.
The second major rumour states Nintendo is intending to re-launch a re-branded 3DS in 2012, making it more accessible to the casual gaming masses. This might include a redesign of the form factor, and perhaps, even newer hardware – though this last seems unlikely, especially if Nintendo is trying do encourage developer contributions.
All these rumours are of course to be taken with a pinch of salt – however, it seems quite plausible that Nintendo is doing something in an attempt to breath fresh life into the 3DS ecosystem

Source : Digit magazine.
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