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28 Apr 2018
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News from Nagaland , India - one of North eastern Indian states. news from this state would be posted here, its really sad most often so called nations news channel only show about north eastern Indian states when disaster or problem or when election happens. they never post about positive developments like that regularly.

Positive news - Nagaland Anime Junkies Cosfest - is conducted annually from 2014 . all participants were from 5 Indian states compete in Kohima , Nagaland for cosplay competition . it is one of the biggest cosplay competition in India or North eastern India . this year it was conducted 8th time after gap of 2 years due to covid restrictions last year was stopped . only found news coverage from regional North east Indian News channel post not from other Indian news channels about this year. 8th Annual NAJ Cosfest 2022 was held on 9th july & 10th july 2022 . its every year held on kohima, Nagaland , venue- The heritage Kohima


the first video showcases first day of the NAJ Cosfest held on 9th July , host asks to participants playing cosplay and asks one person what is cosplay . starting minutes showcased participants performances and then interview of people visiting their and person sharing how they made the costume they wearing , detail to look like the character


this second video showcases last day 2nd day event held on 10th July - this year event got participants from Assam , meghalaya, manipur and Madhya Pradesh ..( also nagaland as its held in nagaland the people do participate from the state too .then announced winners name , cash prize won. showcased sone minutes of performance by participants members on stage cosplaying characters

its english news channel video link shred still posted overall info what news is about, hope atleast other news channel would also cover cultural events taking place in north eastern Indian state nagaland not just violence related or sad news.

this important is important too as it helps in qualifying or choosing participants who would represent India in World Cosplay summit which takes place in japan . its not just normal cosfest , its competition in which participants compete and make costumes by themself in professional manner the news video clip is very short. there was different event in cosfest too apart from cosplay competition , stalls etc.
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