Need to access Wikipedia during blackout

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14 Feb 2011
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The English version of Wikipedia has been blacked out for 24 hours to protest against the discussion of the PIPA and SOPA acts in the US house of senates.


Wikipedia Blackout page:

Wikipedia accessible after disabling JavaScript on your browser:

1)Please use this method to access Wikipedia only if you want to very urgently for some important project as by accessing Wikipedia you are going against a protest against very strong laws which threaten to curb internet freedom.
2) Disabling JavaScript will cause issues in other websites such as being unable to send chat messages on facebook,so please remember to enable it after your important work is done.

NOTE: If you want to share this trick in your blog/forum please link to this post to be in compliance with the DMCA act
Even i support Wikipedia and the online community that is hwy i have said use only for urgent projects
There is a way to block JavaScript on Chrome also,Sudhansu don't give wrong info
ya,,, you can go to options>underthehood>content settings> javascript
but i dont know that in the new version :shy
@ Arsh25 : The video shows how it can be accessed by using FF. Isnt that enough ...
It is a good effort that e has shown for FF,but he should not say it is not possible in Chrome when it is.
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