My SMS app introduced, for multilingual SMS support


5 Aug 2011
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IMImobile, a known name in the mobile value added and business services segment with its DaVinci Evolved Service Platform, has launched the “My SMS” application in India. The SMS-based application will allow users to receive messages in their preferred Indian language, including English.

For now, the service is up for grabs for telecom operators, media companies, device manufacturers, and other enterprises. It apparently boasts of “easy backend integration”, making it an attractive proposition for such companies. As a consumer, you will have to wait till the service becomes adopted by one of these, relevant to you.

IMImobile in the past has introduced some useful mobile services, such as Cell Shakti – a rural initiative that provided voice-based information on weather, health care, and produce rates, as well as educational, and legal information.

Speaking on the launch of My SMS, Founder & CEO of IMImobile, Vishwanath Alluri, said:
“Through My SMS we plan to break the language barrier which has been a huge roadblock for the penetration of the telecom revolution. We want to empower users especially in the rural areas to enjoy the benefits of this revolution in their own language. IMImobile has always been focused towards creating innovative services to empower rural India and help bridge the digital divide. My SMS application can be provided as a white-label application also for telecom operators, device manufacturers, media companies & enterprises. This is the next step towards our Rural Approach after our highly appreciated Cell Shakti service. We plan to bring in more such innovations to help the operators reach the potential user base with maximum satisfaction."

Source : Digit
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