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Discussion Motorola Air to Air charging solution


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20 Jul 2014
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It seems like over-the-air charging will be the new smartphone trend for 2021. Xiaomi just detailed its Mi Air Charge technology today and now Motorola has also jumped on the bandwagon.

Moto’s air-to-air charging solution was announced by Lenovo China’s General Manager Chen Jin on Weibo (h/t XDA Developers). The executive didn’t go into a lot of detail like Xiaomi but posted a video that shows Motorola’s new tech in action.

The video demonstrates how Motorola’s over-the-air charging tech can charge multiple phones remotely. It is capable of powering up a phone placed up to 1 meter away. The demo also shows that the charging transmitter can be blocked by hand to stop the remote charging.

Motorola also has a new air-to-air charging solution similar to Mi Air Charge
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