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Mother Teresa to become saint: Ahead of canonization, follower share Kapil testimony


21 Jun 2013
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Humanitarian icon, Mother Teresa, is expected to be accorded the status of ‘saint’ tomorrow. With the event of canonization to be held tomorrow, it is expected that a number of people would come forward with their testimonies. The followers of Mother Teresa are rapidly circulating the testimony of cricketing legend Kapil Dev which he made in 2011. The personal story narrated by Kapil Dev brings followers of Mother Teresa to tears. It reaffirms one’s faith in her spirituality and her strength to bless the needy. The story dates back to 1995, 2 years before Mother Teresa breathed her last on this planet.

Kapil Dev recalls his marriage with Pakistani wife Romi ahead of 1983 World Cup victory. While his marital relationship was smooth and peaceful, the couple felt a vacuum in their lives as they had no kids. It was in 1995 when Kapil visited Kolkata along with his wife., One of his friends, who was associated with Missionaries of Charity arranged for a meeting between Mother Teresa and Kapil, along with Romi. After hearing the plight of Kapil, Mother Teresa said, “Don’t worry. God is kind.” While Kapil thought that Mother Teresa indicated him to adopt a child from her charity home, he later realized that it was a blessing which would turn him into a biological father.

Romi got pregnant nearly 5 months after the meeting. At this time, Kapil received a call from his friend who arranged the meeting with Mother Teresa. He told Kapil that Mother Teresa inquired about the health of Romi. While Kapil was delighted to inform his friend about Romi’s pregnancy, it was later did he realize that it was Mother Teresa’s prayer which has borne him a child. While Kapil never met Mother Teresa after that, he always expresses his gratitude towards her saying, “My daughter, Amiya, is a gift from Mother Teresa.”

The canonization of Mother Teresa is being hailed as a landmark event in the course of Indian history. Not only for the believing section of Catholic population, Mother Teresa is an icon for many of the Indians who find her as a symbol of humanity. In the words of Prime Minister Narendra, every Indian would be proud when such a mother would be accorded the great honour by the Vatican. To witness the historic event, Indian government has sent an 11-member delegation being led by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Apart from the official delegation, two of the most prominent Indian politicians – Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee would also attend the event being held tomorrow in Vatican.

Mother Teresa to become saint: Ahead of canonization, her followers share cricketer Kapil Dev's testimony - India.com
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