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More internet connected tv sets than people by 2015.

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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By 2015 there will be more connected TV sets than people in the world Intel's futurist Brian David Johnson has predicted at the Spanish Association of Interactive TV Companies (AEDETI).

The executive, director at Intel's Future Casting & Experience Research added that in four years’ time there will be some half a million content hours available for interactivity and nearly 15,000 million TV sets able to get connected through the internet.

Yet Johnson assured that TV will carry on being the centre of life in the homes but with a big difference than at present since it will not be TV as we all know it but much more informative.

"TV will be something accompanying us at any given moment,” Johnson added. "The TV screen will help us choose what we are really interested in. But we will not only be able to personalise TV contents but also advertisements...future television will mainly be social allowing us not only to connect ourselves with all the home devices but also with our family and friends".

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