MNP set to change market dynamics; portability requests outnumber new users


5 Aug 2011
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Reports suggest that the mobile number portability system is becoming highly popular among the mobile users in India. The number of requests for mobile number portability has increased nearly threefold as compared to the new users. The whopping surge in MNP requests is expected to play a key role in changing market shares for operators in near future.
The recent data released by TRAI says, in August 2011, nearly 18.1 million MNP requests were made as compared to the 7.3 million new subscriptions in that month. Reports further reveal that the number of MNP has “steadily” grown since its launch, while the number of new users being added by all operators has dropped.
Under the mobile number portability system, a mobile subscriber can switch to any new service provider without changing number. This facility is however available within the state only, but the draft National Telecom Policy 2011 proposes free roaming pan-India number portability. Check out our previous coverage on the National Telecom Policy 2011 here.
The MNP system has not only benefitted the subscriber but also the companies. According to reports, every operator except Videocon has managed to expand their bases after the launch of the number portability system.
The MNP requests hike news comes days after TRAI slammed Vodafone for rejecting MNP requests of many its subscribers. TRAI said that the reasons given by Vodafone for rejecting the MNP requests were not justified. "Majority of porting rejections have been primarily of the ground of contractual obligation; however, customers complained that they did not enter into such agreement with Vodafone," Trai said in its direction issued.

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