Microsoft Reveals State of the Xbox in India, Outlays Future Plans


5 Aug 2011
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In a freewheeling conversation, Anshu Mor, from Microsoft India's Interactive Entertainment Business Division, revealed that there was a move to introduce entertainment content into Xbox Live in India while admitting that the pool of available non-gaming content had a lot of scope for improvement.

Mor revealed Microsoft India's excitement over the response to Kinect and claimed that after the motion sensing accessory was launched in India, sales of Xbox 360 consoles had doubled. He also added that Kinect Video, a service that lets you video chat using the Kinect module was getting good responses. While talking about Xbox Live, Mor said that downloading demos of games from the service was popular among Indian Xbox users.

When talking about the absence of non-gaming content on Xbox Live in India, Mor said that they were in talks with content providers to add movies, videos etc. to Xbox Live. However, there wasn't a mention of a time-frame.

When criticized on the terrible state of Games for Windows Live (G4WL) on the PC, Mor agreed that it needed work and said that Microsoft was working on bringing G4WL more in sync with Xbox Live so that gamers could take advantage of a unifying online gaming platform across different hardware platforms. Mor also defended Xbox Live subscription fees (you need to pay a subscription fee to play multiplayer games on the Xbox, unlike on the PC or Sony's Playstation 3 where you just pay for the game) by saying that paying the subscription fee gave you a lot more than just the ability to play multiplayer including exclusive content, social networking apps, video chats etc.


Mor also expressed his confidence in the quality of games being launched for the Kinect. He said that while there would be a couple of third-party titles that may not exude quality, all games being published by Microsoft would be of high quality. On being given the Nintendo Wii's example where the number quality games are overwhelmingly overshadowed by low quality titles, Mor said that it would not be the case with Xbox Kinect titles.

Mor further said that there were no plans on a price-cut for the Xbox 360 in India similar to the 15% price-cut announced by Sony for the Playstation 3 in August.

The Xbox 360 250GB with Kinect is currently available for Rs. 28,500 while the 4GB model with Kinect is available for Rs. 22,990. The 250GB model without Kinect is available for Rs. 20,990 while 4GB model is available for Rs. 14,500.

source : pc world
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