Microsoft launches Kinect Star Wars in India for Rs. 2,399


2 May 2011
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Gamer’s dreams of waving their hands in front of the TV pretending to be a Jedi Knight can finally come true. Microsoft has launched a Star Wars game that is playable with its motion-controlled sensor, Kinect, in India. The game is an XBOX 360 exclusive and gamers can pick it up for Rs. 2,399.

In a statement, Microsoft said, “This new title will add to the growing popularity of the family-friendly gaming portfolio for Kinect for Xbox 360.”

In the game, gamers can wave their hands in front of the TV to use the Lightsaber (the Jedi’s preferred weapon of choice) to attack, use the force to maneuver objects and take down enemies, participate in Pod races and even make Han Solo dance in a mini-game. The game also takes players into outer space for a galactic Dog Fights. All these variations in gameplay are controlled with gestures only. Gamers do not require a physical controller to maneuver the actions on screen.

Kinect Star wars is just one of the most awaited gaming titles to hit store shelves this month. If you are in the market to pick up a bunch of games, read our list of top 5 console games launching in April.

Kinect Star Wars was originally shown off as a tech demo behind closed doors two years ago at E3. The game has finally seen the light of day. Has it lived up to fans expectations? Stay tuned as we will bring you a review of the game soon.
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