Microsoft Announces BizSpark Plus To Push Azure


5 Aug 2011
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To help cloud and software startups grow their business, Microsoft has launched BizSpark Plus which will work with select incubators and accelerators to provide value added products and services to high potential startups. The program will offer each of their startups up to $60,000 of Windows Azure compute and storage over a 24-month period, at no cost.

BizSpark Plus is a ‘by invitation only’ program, and a startup, in addition to being eligible for the foundational BizSpark program—developing software, less than three years old, privately held and making less than $1 million annually—must be nominated by the BizSpark Plus partner.

The Morpheus and Accel Partners have been appointed as accelerators for India.

Speaking at Microsoft Tech-Ed India 2012, Shekhar Kirani, Founder Member, Accel Partners, said, "BizSpark Plus will allow us the chance to provide the entrepreneurs we work with even more valuable support and services. Access to technologies like Windows Azure and other software and services from Microsoft should provide an impetus to our companies in the race to scale and succeed. The accelerator partners are appointed for their exceptional ability to impact their local markets, their influence in the entrepreneurial community and their proven success with early-stage startups.”

Ludovic Ulrich, WW Program Manager, Microsoft BizSpark added, “We have been very encouraged by the success of BizSpark in India, especially the overwhelming support we received from our network partners and the community in general. With BizSpark Plus, we are moving to the next exciting stage of working with entrepreneurs on the forefront of the cloud revolution. Windows Azure is a powerful, integrated platform, making it easy for startups to get their services up and running quickly with minimal overhead. Combined with the strengths that the Morpheus and Accel bring to the table, the program is designed to accelerate Indian entrepreneurial success.”

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