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Hunt for the Best and Fastest Mobile Browser

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6 May 2012
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Hi all

I am starting this thread as a Two-in-One thread.

1. Lets vote for the Best and Fastest browser we have used on our Mobile.
2. We can provide info about all available browsers in various platforms, which could be useful for beginners.

So, I want you all to vote for the browser, which you feel as the best and fastest. You can select multiple options in the poll. And also mention the platform and the browsers you are using, which will be updated in the list below.

I have taken care to include all important and widely used browsers in the poll. If you want to vote for a browser not in the list, choose the 'Others' option and mention the browser's name in your reply.

NOTE: This poll is for mobile browsers only. Please do not consider desktop versions.




SYMBIAN: Opera (Mini, Mini Next, Opera Mobile), UC Web, ibibo browser


JAVA: Opera (Mini, Mini Next), UC Web, Bolt, Tea Shark
I voted for operamini, as i feel best in my mobile handset. I also used bolt browser. I used chrome and internet explorer in my desktop.
Chrome & Opera are fastest browser for android as per me, Dolphin HD browser too nearly same and that is an awesome browser. After these firefox comes. :)

For symbian Opera mini/ opera mobile is best. :tup

*I have shared my personal experience, i am using these two os currently. ;)
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