MAXX Mobiles Launches GLO MX388 Gaming Phone


7 Apr 2011
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MAXX Mobiles has launched a mobile phone designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts. The MAXX GLO MX388 is priced at a modest Rs 2,361 by the value conscious Indian mobile manufacturer. The gaming epithet translates into inclusion of the usual bells-and-whistles, such as 250 preloaded games and, what MAXX likes to call, dedicated gaming buttons. Prima facie, MX388's keypad looks just like that of any ordinary handset, which makes us wonder where exactly these "dedicated gaming buttons" are. However, as our eagle-eyed reader points out, the tiny "X" and "O" buttons on top of the display turn the phone into a gamepad when you hold it in the landscape orientation. At any rate, the 250 preloaded games don't sound bad considering its low price. You can even change the look of the phone with a set of three body-shells that lend it red, orange, and blue accents.
The default games span categories like Action, Racing, Puzzle, Adventure, Fighting, Shooting, and Sports. The bundle includes classics such as Super Mario and Pacman, which seem to be the only well known titles boasted about in the press release. We can only hope the rest are better than the duds we all remember from the cheap NES knock-off 9999-in-1 cartridges of yore. Despite its questionable gaming credentials, the Java enabled phone makes up with other goodies like a bundled 2 GB memory card, 1.3 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity, FM Radio, and MP3/MP4 audio/video playback. That's a fair spec-sheet considering the low asking price of the MAXX GLO MX388 gaming phone.

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