Mausam release postponed by a week


8 Jun 2011
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Pankaj Kapur's Mausam has been postponed by a week due to some changes required by the Indian Air Force. It will now release on September 23.

Kapur addressed a press conference with the film's lead stars Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor , and explained that the IAF wanted a 30-second change in the film. The change did not require a re-shoot; it required some VFX changes.

The change has now been made but the film still cannot release this Friday because the prints could not be sent overseas on time.

Besides, the Censor Board wanted to re-review the film after granting it a U certificate.

Indian Airforce PRO Wing Commander Gerard Galway, meanwhile, claims that there is no controversy.

According to him, the producers of Mausam screened the film for them on September 6 and 7. On the first day, there was no problem. On the second day, some computerised scenes were screened.

These were flying scenes -- a fight sequence showing Shahid Kapoor flying a fighter plane along with five other fighter planes.

"We gave them some suggestions that would make the scenes look more realistic," Galway said. "The producers agreed. I hear they have incorporated our suggestions. Once we see it, we will give them permission. Where is the question of us denying them permission?"

The film's producer Sheetal Talwar had said that the script had been cleared by the Air Force on August 23.

"We are not talking about the script; there is no change in the script. The script remains as it is," Galway clarified.
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