Logica Introduces Solution To Track Transportation


5 Aug 2011
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Logica has launched a solution, Logica Meg that enables school authorities to gain visibility and control over the school transportation, and allows parents to gain access of their children’s whereabouts. Logica has run successful pilots with a few schools in Bengaluru.

Powered by an on-board GPS, the device transfers real-time location details to the Logica Meg application. It also monitors driver behavior. Logica Meg application processes this information and displays it on a Web interface. The solution is provided on a SaaS model.

“Logica Meg not only addresses the needs of the school authorities for enhancing safety in school buses, but also provides visibility and control over transportation. At the same time, it empowers the parents by providing on-demand location and proximity alerts. The same solution can be extended further to address other market opportunities like office transportation and public transportation,” said Rakesh Aerath, Head of Innovation, Logica India.

source : crn
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