LG launches 84-inch 'ultra definition' 4K Cinema 3D HDTV


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6 May 2012
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LG has launched a 84-inch ultra high resolution LED Smart TV with Cinema 3D. It has a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 (UHDTV), which is four times that of Full HD, and will produce a full 1080p picture for 3D movies with LG's FPR Cinema 3D passive glasses technology.


Check the source if you need more info as I cant get more. But its in Korean. :rofl:rofl:rofl

Source: LG Korea
Traslated version:

"World 's greatest size and quality were not the world!!"
LG Electronics, the world's largest 84-inch Cinema 3D Smart TV Book Sale UD conducted surprise!

■ 20 from the world's largest size (84 inch) ultra-high resolution (UD) support the domestic book sales LED TV
with premium TV market leadership ■ mega
-bed height (200cm) is longer than 213cm, 2,500 sold for
- Full HD (1,920 × 1080), four times higher than the 3,840 × 2,160 resolution, clarity, implementation dramatically
one month until May 20 ■ 8 84 Book Sales Limited
- Premium seolchitim the end of August to start shipping during the installation to maximize customer satisfaction
- next COEX / 10 department stores, etc. where the actual product exhibition, reservations and buy direct experience
- high-end 3D paemilripaek, 200 million won generous gift book purchase benefits such as
UD ■ world market, the year 1386 to 2900 4,000,000 2016 Atlantic fold is expected to grow

LG Electronics, the world's largest size from 20 to 84 inch (213cm) UD (Ultra Definition) support LED TV (Model: 84LM9600) and 84 in the domestic market is limited to the surprise book sales.

▶ Ultra-high resolution super-premium TV market leadership

The ultra-high resolution 84LM9600 model (UD) for the first time as a TV that supports two meters diagonal (213cm), charge the mattress height (2 meters) longer than the. LG Electronics, through which the super-premium TV market leadership is definitely a strategy brings. Selling price (KRW) 2500.

UD (3,840 × 2,160) technology, Full HD (Full High Definition, 1,920 × 1,080) than the horizontal / vertical resolution is four times higher. Full HD is correct that's compared to 2,070,000 the number of pixels on the screen, UD four times as many as 8.3 million never experienced before to implement dramatic clarity.

As high-output engine, the more you need a large car, a large TV in the high-resolution techniques should be applied to real grandeur, realism can be felt. LG Electronics in the future Cinema 3D Smart TV plans to offer a variety of content, UD resolution.

The maximum size, highest resolution, as well as high-end 2.2-channel sound system geolmateun it was also applied. In addition to the two stereo speakers mounted speakers, two woofers, a fantastic 3D surround sound is represented.

In addition, Platinum (Platinum, platinum) in the material sense Monochrome (Monochrome, Monochrome), design implementation, and added luxury. In addition, eye glasses are comfortable and lightweight LG Cinema 3D technology is adopted only by very large screen, realistic and immersive three-dimensional you can feel.

▶ 20 from 84 one month to qualify book sales, started shipping in late August

Book sales from 20 to 20 next month, one month, LG Electronics dealers nationwide and only carried out in 84, and begins shipping in late August. Manager who sold you the product for shipment to accompany premium installation teams operating, installation plans to maximize customer satisfaction.

LG Electronics, the maximum size of the customer experience of the highest quality and purchase directly to schedule next week at COEX (COEX) in the LG Cinema 3D experience, as well as John Lotte / New World / Hyundai Department Store, etc. Each one leaves every department store where a total of nine Ten 84LM9600 model is planning to exhibit.

Pre-Purchase for customers has prepared a variety of perks. Valued at 300,000 won first 3D camcorder, alraengmikkeulri (Alain Mikli) 3D glasses, including high-end 3D paemilripaek, and use the TV's existing customer base to provide free installation services previously. Also, LG Home Theater, LG-one PC, advanced espresso machine, luxurious hotel vouchers, etc. Each gift of $ 2000 or more, select one of the presents.

Choe, Sang - Gyu, vice president of marketing, Head of LG Electronics, South Korea, "the UD model, scheduled to be released later this year olredeu domestic premium TV via TV will dominate the market," he said.

LG Electronics of Korea after the second half of this year in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America in global markets, including UD product releases, full-fledged super-, ultra-high-resolution TV market, plans to open.

Market research firm DisplaySearch, the worldwide TV market this year, UD resolution 2900 daeeseo 2016 exceeded 4 million, was expected to grow by 1,386 times. Also, this summer the British BBC and NHK Japan Broadcasting UDTV pilot, broadcast in the second half of the experimental plan KBS is being said.
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