LG brings touchscreen technology to its plasma televisions, with PenTouch TV


5 Aug 2011
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LG Electronics has introduced touchscreen technology to its plasma televisions, calling the combination a LG PenTouch TV. Available in 50-inch and 60-inch models, the touch-enabled plasma televisions will come with a touch-sensitive stylus, and PenTouch software. The entire touch-interface is meant only for when the television is connected to a computer, or, when browsing the internet.
The PenTouch Mode is activated via the television’s remote control. Up to two styli can be used at a time, and are rechargeable via USB ports. LG has given recommended specifications for the computers that are meant to be connected to PenTouch TVs, with a minimum of 2GHz dual-core processors, RGB or HDMI output, a graphics card, and up to 500GB HDDs. Windows 7 is the preferred operating system, but XP and Vista will also work.
For now, there are three models that have been introduced – a 60-inch model with 3D capability, which will retail for $2,199; another 60-inch non-3D model at $1,699; and a 50-inch model at $1,099. No details about when these devices will hit Indian shores – we’ll keep you updated.

Source : Digit
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