Lenovo Stands At No. 2; Asus At 5 In New Gartner Study


5 Aug 2011
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With a market share of 13.5 percent, Lenovo, for the first time, has become the second-largest PC vendor in the global market. According to preliminary results by Gartner, Lenovo's expansion was boosted in part by the merger with NEC in Japan. The company’s aggressive marketing to both the professional and consumer PC markets accelerated its shipment volume and enabled it to observe 25.2 percent growth in Q3 2011 against Q3 2010, globally.

Widening the gap with Toshiba, the sixth-largest vendor, Asus became fifth largest PC vendor. Asus achieved strong growth in China and achieved 18.5 percent growth in its PC shipment volume in Q3 2011 against Q3 2010, worldwide.

According to the results, worldwide PC shipments totaled 91.8 million units in the third quarter of 2011, a 3.2 percent increase from the third quarter of 2010. The EMEA region contributed to lower-than-expected growth led by a weak Western European market. In Asia-Pacific, PC shipments reached 31.8 million units in Q3 2011, a six percent increase from the same period last year. Vendors continued to stimulate demand aggressively with promotions and prices, benefiting buyers looking for good prices.

"The inventory buildup, which slowed growth the last four quarters, mostly cleared out during the third quarter of this year; however, the PC industry has been performing below normal seasonality," said Mikako Kitagawa, Principal Analyst, Gartner. "As expected, back-to-school PC sales were disappointing in mature markets, confirming that the consumer PC market continues to be weak. The popularity of non-PC devices, including media tablets, such as the iPad and smartphones, took consumers' spending away from PCs.”

"As the PC market faced a slowdown, vendor consolidation has become an apparent trend in the industry. Lenovo's recent merger with NEC, and its acquisition of Medion, as well as HP's announcement that it may spin off or sell its PC business, underlined this trend during the quarter," she added.

Despite announcing the potential spin-off of its PC business, HP experienced strong growth in the US, while outside the US, growth was relatively weak or average. HP the No. 1 vendor based on global PC shipments grew faster than the industry average, with its market share at 17.7 percent in Q3 2011.

Dell's performance was below the industry average in most regions, as the company faced intensified competition in the professional space, where Dell has been traditionally strong. Acer mostly cleared its inventory buildup in the EMEA region by Q3 2011. However, channels have been adopting a conservative position in regard to placing orders following the inventory issues.

source : crn
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