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Leak shows that the T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot is planned to launch on April 13th

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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If you’ re a T-Mobile customer who is tired of simply relying on USB modems to get you fix of HSPA+
love, you’ ll be happy to know that the wait won ’ t be long before you can snatch the T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot. Based on a leaked internal memo , the nifty 4G sharing device is planned to be launched on April 13th for the price of $79.99 after a $50 mail-in-
rebate with your signature on a 2-year contract. Similar to like other hotspot devices, you ’ ll be able to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices to the T-Mobile 4G
Mobile Hotspot to soak in all of the fun thanks to its
faster data speeds. Thankfully, the wait between now and its release is
a mere two days; which should give you enough
time to get situated with your old USB modem and
anticipate its replacement with this new mobile
hotspot device.

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