Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Available Now to Download


5 Aug 2011
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Want to plug Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect camera directly into your Windows 7 PC? Now you can: Microsoft's made the Kinect for Windows SDK beta available for download, gratis, and you can get it right here.

"The wait is over--we are very excited to anounce the Kinect for Windows SDK beta is available for download," said Microsoft Senior Director of Developer Relations Jeff Sandquist during a live Channel 9 TV launch event this afternoon.

What do you get from the beta? Full access to Kinect's raw streams, including video RGB, the depth camera, and the microphone. Also: skeleton tracking, gesture-based interfaces, the ability to track two people at the same time, advanced audio applications, access to the four-element microphone array, echo cancellation, noise suppression, directional sound placement, and integration with Windows speech recognition APIs.

Microsoft promises a "very easy installation for Windows 7," as well as "hundreds of pages of documentation" and "sample walkthroughs." The company's planning broadcasts throughout the day live on Channel 9 demonstrating how to use the beta.

"This is a beta, a first step," said Microsoft's Anoop Gupta, a scientist with Microsoft research, adding that they're now looking for user feedback, and reminding that "this is a non-commercial SDK--although our intent is to release a commercial SDK, we're not making announcements about it today."

If you have questions, you can send to @ch9live, Channel 9's official Twitter feed.

"What gets me excited today is we are providing capabilities with this SDK so you can take your creations that are going to impact hundreds of millions of people who have PCs today, so that makes it really exciting for me," said Gupta at the close of the announcement. "The second thing is that, for a while you were waiting for the SDK--now I am waiting to see what are the exciting things that the community is going to do."

Source : PC World
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