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Killed: Say Good bye to Google Dictionary

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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California: Say bye to your favourite online Dictionary - Google has killed it! The web-giant Google has announced its plan to stop the online standalone Google Dictionary service.

Google said that it had added the dictionary service in web search engine and it will offer all features of Google Dictionary.

"Because the dictionary tool offers the same functionality as Google Dictionary, we've decided to discontinue dictionary.google.com," a Google spokesman said.

Google Dictionary website currently shows a message that reads, "Google Dictionary is no longer available" and asks users to "use Google web search to find definitions or Google Translate for your translation needs."

Google officials said that users can find definitions by typing query into the web search and use the dictionary tool located in the left-hand panel of the results page. Or else, users can type 'define' and the word directly into the search box.

So, if you want to fine the definition of the word 'shopaholic', just type 'define shopaholic' in search column and click search. Google search engine will bring the definition as the first result.

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