Julian Assange reveals shocking details on Times Now


22 Mar 2011
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In his most revealing and explosive interview to date, Wikileaks Editor in Chief Julian Assange has revealed to TIMES NOW that he is being offered a swap deal if he hands over the exclusive details of Swiss banks and their secret account holders list.

Mr Assange made this first ever disclosure, which explains the delay in the publication of the Swiss bank secrets, when asked how long the people of India would have to wait for the critical and sensitive information to come out. “The Swiss bank has a hostage”, Mr Assange said, going on to say that Wikileaks has an offer, that was “indirect” and “through a third party” that if it returns the data, then whistleblower Judith Elmer would be set free. The publication of the Swiss bank secrets is being eagerly awaited not just in India, but across the world and many believe that it can be the biggest single expose in the fight against corruption globally.

In a 50 minute interview that was telecast on TIMES NOW, Assange also said that there are Indian names in the Swiss bank data list. “I have read Indian names” he said, in the “data we have already published or are about to publish”, a comment that will generate even greater interest amidst speculation that it includes the names of politicians and hawala operators from India.

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