Seeking Help Jio STB doesn't Have Spdif or 3.5 mm Now just has HDMI, 2 Usbs


30 Oct 2023
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Hi i have recently taken Jio Fibre Everything is ok i guess but Like title STB box doesn't have Any ports Provision For Audio

Now for me Audio through HDMI is a little Less or slightly Different

I have always connected my Audio Directly Through A Separate Ports

SO NOW Should i Request A STB With Audio ports
Or is this New box
Or Did they just hand me Old box(04/2023)
(JSCH200 V 7.0)

(Info: i saw 25 GB Storage Available in Settings ... Never thought 😃😂)
Or is this now How STB s are now-a-days?????

How is your box?
And How to know which Android Version is running???( I searched couldn't find anything remotely Android details)

Can i request a Replacement STB?
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This is my old STB which I got in 2022.
This is a hybrid model where u can get spdif , 2 usb , 1 HDMI port . But now a days they are giving Internet only boxes and I heard those boxes provide superior picture Quality।
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