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28 Apr 2018
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Japanese Film Festival Online 2022 India schedule from Feb 14th to 27th , 2022 . they started online festival from 2020 due to covid situation otherwise they usually conduct it offline , even last year conducted first offline, due to reduced restriction again this year chose for online due to increased cases and cancelled pre screen event in Chennai , India in offline theatres due to restrictions /increase in cases.

they will air Japanese films on their website , to watch the film users would have to register in their website and using same they would be able to watch the films. after start watching the film it can only be viewed for 48 hours after which it would not be visible . 27th Feb. 11:59 JPT- IST is 8:30 am or pm that movie would be stopped irrespective of time duration of the movie .

registering website



full lineup movies promo which would be showed in online film festivals , 20 Japanese movies - 18 feature films ,two anime/animated movies and Japanese movies




`1. Awake (sports AI Thriller)
2. Aristocrats
3. Ito - fictional drama
4. Time of Eve - Anime movie - Robots having feeling
5. Patema Inverted - Anime movie -living in a world without gravity
6. Sumodo - succesors of samurai
7. The God of Ramen - Documentary about person who started making Ramen
8. Rashomon - old film
9. The floating castle
10. Happy Flights
11. Oz land - about women working in fun fair
12. Until the break of Dawn - Intermediary between living and the dead
13. Her love boils Bathwater - about loving bond between mother and her child & family
14. The chef of south polar - classic comedy
15. ReLIFE - redoing one's high school life (live action movie based on manga/Anime)
16. Bread of happiness - young couple running cafe
17. Masked ward - entire hospital hostage by a mask person - thrill movie
18. Mio's cookbook - reconnects two best friends through food
19. Under The open sky - how person after coming from prison murdered lives
20. It's a summer film - rom com movie about teens and samurai

they have planned zoom meeting about japenese film lives on south asia on feb 7th last date date registration feb 5 just check their website or social media page.

film festival would start from feb 14th to feb 27th . after starting watching any movies it would only be available for 48 hours to watch later would be unviewable. to be able to watch we have to register in their site .
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