iPad mini Case Leak Gives Better Concept of Size and Scale (Exclusive)


26 Mar 2012
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A trusted source has sent us over some images of a leaked iPad mini case that gives us a much better sense of the size and scale of the rumored new Apple product.

While there is still no official confirmation that the iPad mini exists, that has never been something to stand in the way of case manufacturers trying to get ahead of the curve. A trusted source of TechnoBuffalo’s has just sent us some images of an iPad mini case that they have come into possession of. While the image used in the case is obviously just a scaled-down New iPad, that doesn’t stop us from getting a sense of the scale of the device in your hand.

While we’re also shown an image that clearly shows the case will have an opening for a rear camera, the most interesting picture has to be the one of it next to a Nexus 7. As you can see it isn’t much larger than the ASUS tablet, but if the picture is anywhere close to being correct, you do get the feeling that the screen will be noticeably larger even though the two devices are so close in overall size.


The current prevailing rumor is that invites to an Apple event will go out on Oct. 10 with the actual event being held on the Oct. 17. We’ll have some sense by the middle of this coming week how accurate all of these rumors have been.

Check out the gallery below for all of the images of the iPad mini case leak we were sent and judge for yourself. For a more detailed look, our friends at TLDToday have a video.


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iPad mini Case Leak Gives Better Concept of Size and Scale (Exclusive) | TechnoBuffalo
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that's good news, hope they will reach upto the customers hope !! :)
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