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I switched to Cent browser from Chrome because of the inability to switch to the old layout on Chrome 71. I like this browser, the customization is excellent, apart from the regular Chrome features. And, we get to switch to the old layout on it. I just wish they keep this option, when they upgrade the base code to Chromium 71, right now the base code is Chromium 70.
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New brave Browser after Chrome extension support and Android Sync is awesome :kiss2:
After lot of jumping between browsers, It seems Yandex is the best browser , based on chrome and support all extension even on Android.
What we do when things go wrong – The Mozilla Blog
We strive to make Firefox a great experience. Last weekend we failed, and we’re sorry. In order to address this issue as quickly as possible, we used our “Studies” system to deploy the initial fix, which requires users to be opted in to Telemetry.

In order to respect our users’ potential intentions as much as possible, based on our current set up, we will be deleting all of our source Telemetry and Studies data for our entire user population collected between 2019-05-04T11:00:00Z and 2019-05-11T11:00:00Z.

Google Chrome Copies Chromium Microsoft Edge’s Settings Design


The latest Google Chrome Canary update 76.0.3793.0 introduces a new design for the Settings screen that reminds of the one currently used in the Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge browser

Google Chrome 74 Can’t Delete Browsing History - Quick Workaround

The bug in question breaks down the browsing history cleaner, with users revealing that the process either fails or freezes before reaching completion.

In other words, beginning with Chrome 74, it might be impossible to clean browsing history using the built-in tools in the browser.
Google working on a fix, likely coming in next update
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Chrome new Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Ultra-private Tor browser officially arrives on Android. It's Official: Tor Browser Is Stable On Android

Note: Though we cannot bring an official Tor Browser to iOS due to restrictions by Apple, the only app we recommend is Onion Browser, developed by Mike Tigas with help from the Guardian Project.

New Release: Tor Browser 8.5 | Tor Blog
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