Intel To Revitalize White-Box Servers


5 Aug 2011
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Intel India will re-ignite the white-box server market with the launch of its next generation Xeon platforms—E3 and E7. The E3 platform allows white-box server manufacturers to configure an entry-level tower model for less than Rs 30,000.

“The Intel server board S1200BT takes advantage of the architecture capabilities of Sandy Bridge. Because of their deployment and configuration flexibility, S1200BT products enable resellers to offer customized solutions for their small business customers at aggressive price-points,” said R Ravichandran, Director, Sales, Intel South Asia.

Ravichandran admitted that there has been a slight decline in white-box server sales in India, and stated that Intel’s top priority is to revive the market. “We are launching a number of customer-facing programs to make further inroads in the SMB market.”

Intel is confident that the new products will ramp up in the next two quarters. “We are currently in a transition phase as many OEMs are carrying inventory based on older versions of Xeon,” Ravichandran explained.

Meanwhile, channels are hoping for a better response to the new platform. “There’s always a first-mover advantage for system builders since the OEMs are yet to launch the new servers. We want Intel to create higher demand for the new platforms which will help us leverage the early opportunities. But right now the processors are expensive, and we are yet to see availability of boards for E7,” said Sunil Kumar, CEO, Lampo Computers, Bengaluru.

Intel is also focusing on its modular server platform which, according to Ravichandran, has given the white-box channel a stronger play in the blade server market. “We are happy with the initial numbers of white-box blade servers, and we plan to create more such opportunities for server channel.”

source : crn
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