Intel Launches E5 Xeon


5 Aug 2011
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Intel has launched the first of E5 series of Xeon processors, E5-2600 product family. Intel officials claimed performance gains of around 80 percent over the previous-generation Intel Xeon 5600 processors.

The Xeon processors support upto 768 GB of memory, support Intel Advanced Vector Extension (Intel AVX) and have nearly 2.3 billion transistors on the die. “We are not just targeting servers, but also storage and networking equipment. Today, on an average, for every 115 tablet users and for every six hundred smart phone users, a telco provider needs to invest into a new server. With Xeon E5 processors you can handle double the traffic.” said R Ravichandran, Business Development Director, APAC, Intel.

The product comes in multiple flavors of four, six and eight cores. While the quad cores start at $198, a server builder needs to chip in $460 for an entry level six core and $1090 for an entry level eight core processor in the series. The most expensive eight core processor in the series is at $2080. “Most importantly, we are able to deliver twice the processing power per Watt,” claimed Ravichandran.

These processors offer support for tools to monitor and control power usage such as Intel Node Manager and Intel Data Center Manager. Other features include Integrated I/O (Intel IIO) and Intel Data Direct I/O (Intel DDIO). DDIO allows Intel Ethernet controllers and adapters to route I/O traffic directly to processor cache, reducing trips to system memory and decreasing power consumption and I/O latency.

These are also the first chips to have I/O controller supporting PCI Express 3.0 directly into the microprocessor. This integration reduces latency up to 30 percent compared to prior generations and with PCI Express 3.0, can up to triple the movement of data in and out of the processor, claimed Intel tech team.

Intel channel is excited and many partners have launched their own models. Delhi-based Netweb Technologies launched a 2U rack server which sports four motherboards supporting dual sockets each. With 24 DIMMs on each board, the server can scale up to 64 cores and 128 threads. “The E5 processors are capable of running eight vCPUs per core and this would mean that on our new platform can run 512 hosts comfortably,” said Sandeep Lodha, Director, Netweb.

Ravichandran said that mass channel availability will happen very soon. “In fact, select partners have been shipping E5-based severs for past few months. We will be training partners to transition from the 5600 series to E5 soon.”

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