Intel Capital Invests $20 Million In Education Tablet Vendor Kno


5 Aug 2011
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Intel has said it will invest $20 million in Kno, a Silicon Valley-based education software and tablet hardware vendor, as part of its plan to develop Atom-based purpose-built tablets for various verticals markets.

Intel is looking to optimize its Atom platform for the mobile market -- a task that has proven difficult for the chipmaker. Intel has yet to bring its long-awaited, tablet-optimized Atom platform, code-named Oak Trail, to market.

Dave Flanagan, managing director of Intel Capital’s Mobility Sector said the company is pursuing an aggressive tablet roadmap, and that joining forces with Kno, and investing in education in general, will augment its efforts.

“This is a strong opportunity for us to align with someone who’s really innovating in a segment that’s somewhat unloved today but has huge potential,” Flanagan said. “Kno doesn’t just offer a software platform, they offer hardware, software and services that drive a rich educational experience. We’re excited about bringing their technology and our technology together.”

Flanagan said Intel and Kno will work to optimize Kno’s touch-based applications for Intel’s educational platforms. “We’ve got a pretty aggressive effort underway on the silicon side to take our Atom architecture from traditional form-factors like notebooks and desktops and apply them in lower-power form factors like handsets and tablets,” he said.

“In addition to this investment, our engineers will work with Kno’s engineers and with third party design partners to do all the optimization required to deliver robust Intel-based educational tablets to the marketplace,” he added.

In addition to investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Advance Publications, First Round Capital, Floodgate, and SV Angels -- all of which contributed along with Intel to this round of investment in Kno -- Flanagan said the education segment of the IT industry offers resellers a unique opportunity due to their local reach.

“There’s going to be a big opportunity in the education market driven by the nature of education today, which is very local,” Flanagan said. “Ultimately, you’ll see devices like this that are purpose-built with specific verticals and specific geographies in mind. By default, channel resellers are in the best position to potentially go after the opportunity, whether its tablets or another kind of form factor specific to education.”

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It seems that since Android tablet has been introduced in the market everybody in the business gets a tough investment over it. And I think this $20 million in Kno, a Silicon Valley-based education software and tablet hardware investment will be successful.Just like WordPress which recently open-source program that is continuously in development. Now the WordPress CMS comes with a built-in tablet app. It will become that much simpler for consumers to acquire what they need.
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